Batsford Estate

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Countryside Code

A new Countryside Code has been produced by Natural England. It outlines the best practices for visitors wishing to enjoy the countryside.

We hope everyone enjoys following the public footpaths which run through Batsford Estate. Please respect the beautiful countryside and livestock by keeping to the footpaths, keeping your dogs on a lead, taking your litter home and being kind and respectful.

We have noticed over the last few years, members of the public have taken to walking around the field margins. Please could we ask you to keep off the areas which are not designated footpaths. Field margins are left as a home for wildlife and insects. By walking or allowing your dogs on these areas, you are disturbing their natural habitat. Many of these areas are set aside as part of Natural England Environmental Schemes.

A new leaflet has been produced to assist your time in the countryside.

countryside-code-leaflet April 2021