Batsford Estate

Bourton Woods

Bourton Woods

Bourton Wood is a private commercial mixed woodland owned by Lord Dulverton.  It is located just off the A44 at Bourton on the Hill.  The woodland is an attractive, rich wildlife reserve and at the same time a good reserve of quality timber.

The woodlands around the Estate are managed by Wessex Woodland Management.  There is a 20 year Forestry Plan in place and some areas, including Bourton Wood, are included in a Woodland Countryside Stewardship scheme. We are dedicated to ensure that woodland habitats are maintained and improved for environmental reasons and to improve timber quality.

Despite Bourton Wood being private, it is possible to obtain an annual walking permit for you and your household to enjoy the beautiful changing season in the wood.  Spring is especially beautiful when the bluebells come out!

Permits can be obtained by completing the request form and calling into The Estate Office.

Unfortunately the wood does not have a car park so you are required to find your own parking at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for parking. Please do not block any gates or entrances, pedestrian or vehicular.