Batsford Estate


Conservation and farming go hand in hand on the Estate.  A large part of the Estate is included in an agri-environment scheme called Countryside Stewardship and prior to this we were in the Higher Level Stewardship scheme.  Both schemes ensure that whilst the farm is managed commercially, it is managed sensitively, to ensure that wildlife habitats are created and enhanced, which ensures that our valuable flora and fauna are able to flourish.  This includes planting wildflower patches or providing habitats and food for farmland bird species.  

Sustainability is very important at Batsford.  Not only is the farmland involved in environmental schemes, we also have our own private water supply and biomass boiler.  

The Estate has invested in facilities to provide natural spring water to Batsford Park and properties in Batsford village.  The spring water is collected at source and processed through a treatment plant before being supplied to our properties. The Estate fully complies with the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Batsford Park and a number of properties in the village, are heated from a biomass boiler, fuelled from wood chip, sustainably harvested from the Estate. 

Biomass energy is considered an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, source of energy and is produced from organic matter, in our case trees.  Biomass energy has a minimal carbon footprint, especially when compared with oil, the fossil fuel previously used at these properties.